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Is it worth to change microcontrollers?

Question asked by allan on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by ray_m

Dear experts, thanks for taking up your time to read my post.


I have a board which was coded using MB90F428GCPF. The code is considerably huge for the uC as I have to use XC8 compiler in pro-mode and in spite of that, the code takes about 80% of the program space. If I disable the pro-mode, the compiler is not able to compile the code in the program memory available on MB90F428GCPF.


Now, I am working on a new project which would be based on the same code that I developed, but I have the option of changing the schematics (if required). The new project requires little more computation and thus more code...

Do you think it is sensible to switch to a MB90F428GCPF that has higher program size? I was looking into MB90F428GCPF. The pin count, pin designations are the same between the 2 MB90F428GCPFs, so hardware can essentially stay the same, the firmware changes.


Any inputs would be appreciated.


The given diagram shows as follows. I checked the wiring and found that it is correct. But I really don't know which procedure goes wrong.

I am very puzzled about this question.

Can anyone help me ?