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Ryzen Instability MCE bea0000000000108? What do do next?

Question asked by hifigraz on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by derstef

Hi, I have a not overclocked 1800X with 64 GB Ram. No XMP Profile too.

I get some instant reboots with MCE Log error Messages during Boot.:


Mai 04 07:51:52 ryzen kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
Mai 04 07:51:52 ryzen kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 5: Machine Check: 0 Bank 5: bea0000000000108
Mai 04 07:51:52 ryzen kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: TSC 0 ADDR 1ffff810f9df4 MISC d012000101000000 SYND 4d000000 IPID 500b000000000
Mai 04 07:51:52 ryzen kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 2:800f11 TIME 1493877105 SOCKET 0 APIC 5 microcode 800111c


Trying to decode it with mce log leads to:


Hardware event. This is not a software error.
CPU 5 5 fixed-issue reoder
MISC d012000101000000 ADDR 1ffff810f9df4
TIME 1493877105 Thu May 4 07:51:45 2017
  bit55 = res23
  bit57 = processor context corrupt
  bit59 = misc error valid
  bit61 = error uncorrected
  memory/cache error 'generic error mem transaction, generic transaction, level 0'
STATUS bea0000000000108 MCGSTATUS 0
CPUID Vendor AMD Family 23 Model 1


CPU: AMD Ryzen R71800X

MB: Asus Prime B350m-a and switched to Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5

RAM: CMK64GX4M4A2666C16  64GB Kit

GPU: RX480

FLASH: Samsung evo pro

HDD: Maxtor Blue

Watercooled. Reboots often during idle.


So I've switched Mainboard already (Newest BIOS Versions on both), what should I switch next? Memtest 68 claims memory to be ok.


These are Linux Error messages but I had reboots with windows too.


Best Regards