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    R9 380x keep shutting down my computer


      My Gigabyte R9 380x is keep getting my shutdown/restart when running games/stress test.

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          It's probably a power related issue - like insufficient or defective PSU.

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            I had the same problem with my MSI R9 380 4GB--until I replaced my CPU fan with an EVO 212...;)  I am running an FX-8320e cpu @ 3.2GHz, and noticed that during periods of GPU stress the system would just shut down--no error screen--nothing, just an immediate shut-down.  I found that setting a fan profile to 100% for my R9 380 didn't seem to affect the issue, so then I started looking at my CPU.  The CPU also runs at maximum speeds during gaming stress, just like the GPU, and I noticed that it was constantly hovering at around the CPU's max thermal of 70C.  Soon as I put in the Evo 212 the problem disappeared and has never come back, and that was several months back.  Since then, though, I have also bought an RX-480 8GB (when the prices finally dropped to MSRP levels...;))


            High CPU temps will shut your computer down--it's a safety feature active in most computers today.  When a GPU overheats, typically the game being run at the time simply freeze-frames for a few seconds until the temps drop back to sustainable levels and the game starts again.  I was using a 750W PSU with 62A on the 12v rail with my R9 380, and was initially concerned about that, too--but when the fan dropped the CPU stress temps down to between 35C-45C and the problem ceased, I realized it had been the CPU overheating all along.  The stock AMD cooler that came with the cpu was fine for the power-saving levels the cpu would run when browsing the Internet, etc. The TDP of the CPU is only 95W, but still the AMD stock fan was not enough for gaming when it has to run flat out at its maximum MHz rating for long periods!  Hope this helps...;)