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Displayport not detected after shutdown and unplug

Question asked by blasthardcheese on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by ii_charon_ii

The displayport on my R9 280x is not being detected anymore. I shut my computer down, disconnected the cable (DP -> HDMI) from my computer (as I have done so dozens of times before) and TV, used it on a different computer and monitor (where it worked just fine), plugged it back into the first computer and TV, and now it always says "No Signal". Windows can't detect any other displays. It worked just fine all this time.


I have been using the DP, DVI-D port, and the DVI-I port on a second AMD card for the third monitor.

I am using Win10 Pro.

I am using the latest drivers. I have reinstalled the latest drivers (yes I used AMD cleanup utility). I checked power settings. I checked device manager. Yes it's plugged in all the way. I unplugged my TV for 30 min.


Stupid thing! Y U NO WORK!?