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1080p Monitor won't display 1080p, New Drivers block me from fixing it.

Question asked by dryzon on May 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by kingfish

I've had this problem since day 1. I have two monitors. One is an LG 21'' 1080p flat panel. Right off the bat it's 1080p native resolution just wouldn't be recognized as an option. Maybe it has something to do with the VGA to DVI adapter I'm using to plug it in my R9 280x. Regardless, after some digging, I fixed it all. Using the old Catalyst Control Center, I went into the "My VGA Display" tab in the settings, and re-enabled the 1080p resolution at 60 Hertz as an option, there, all done. Now, after an update, it has all gone to awfully wrong. After the new Radeon settings overhaul with the cool looking UI and all I still was able to access the Additional settings from the top right when I accessed the display tab that had MINIMAL setting options. And those additional settings were the old CCC. Now it is completely gone, and I have no clue as to how I'll re-enable my second monitor. If you are wondering what setting I exactly toyed with in the old CCC, it's all here: GPU-10: Inability to Select a Specific Resolution for a Display Device in AMD Catalyst™ Control Center . What can I do about this? I try rolling back to old drivers using a clean install but somehow the additional settings option was still gone. Thanks for reading.