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    Crossfire & FreeSync


      I've seen some issues with Crossfire & FreeSync, have those issues been resolved in latest drivers?


      I'm planning on picking up two Vega GPUs and want FreeSync to work right on my Samsung display!

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          Which specific Crossfire & FreeSync issues are you referring to?

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              It was more of a general question. I'm still running my 1080 until Vega drops and I was looking at possibly going with two or getting X2 if they drop it.

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                I see the following problem. 


                Serious Flicker on water textures in  the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  on 17.7.2. Driver when running a 47-75 Hz (1080p)  or (47-60Hz) (4K Resolution using VSR).
                I am running a pair of R9 Nanos in Crossfire with i7-4790K CPU on Windows 10 driving a Viewsonic FreeSync Monitor.
                I have Vsync off in The Witchers menu. Running at maxed out Ultra  setting but with AA off, overridden with high AA settings in Radeon Crimson 17.7.2 Driver.

                I have Frame Pacing on and Frame Rate Target Control set to 75 Hz (1080p) or 60Hz (4K Resolution with VSR).

                In the case of 75 Hz (1080p) my system can output up to 110 FPS if I disable FRTC (which is outside the max FreeSync frequency of 75) at this resolution.
                Setting FRTC to 75 gives me a really smooth experience in this case. No screen tearing, no texture flicker. Great.
                Disabling FRTC gives me high FPS (75-110) but I see screen tearing, as expected.
                Setting FRTC to 60, 50, 47, the flickering on the water textures gets increasingly worse.

                Turning on Chill with a Chill Range of 47-75 and FRTC of 75 incurs immediate flicker as chill seems to incur immediat max frame rate of 60 FPS.
                Needless to say, standing still, frame rate drops to 47 and flicker even worse.

                In the case of 60Hz with 4K resolution with VSR. my R9 Nanos can only manage around 49-55 FPS with these high graphical settings and the  FRTC set to 60.
                Consequently there is serious flicker on the water textures and it gets worse as the GPU's start to throttle (they are running with Power Target of +50% and 1050MHz, with max temp and fan Targets.


                I have the video recordings to show what is happening.

                If someone from AMD is interested to look into the issue I will open a separate Thread and deal with it there.


                I have not had time to test other Crossfire and Chill Supported titles yet, but I may well do if I get time.

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                AMD Reporting form filed.