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Information only concerning BSOD with AMD Display driver 5/04/2017

Question asked by elstaci on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by elstaci

Just to let anyone know that is interested, on my computer configuration, I was getting BSOD constantly especially during startup or reboots using the latest AMD Display driver from 5.04.2017. I sent in a bug report to AMD to let them know the bug report I sent in about three days ago concerning my video crashing was due to a one of four memory modules that went bad. After removing the bad memory module, I was able to update my Windows to the latest version 1703 without any problems or crashes. Since I installed the latest Windows Creator on my computer I also reinstalled the latest AMD Display driver. At first it worked fine until I rebooted. Afterwards I started getting BSOD again. Especially when backing up my computer using Windows built in Backup program. I ran it three time and three times the computer BSODed. I then ran Acronis backup with the same exact symptom, crashing with BSOD. Afterwards, It took me more than ten consecutive reboots to get back into windows desktop. I immediately uninstalled AMD Display Driver 5.04.2017 and reinstalled the Pre-Creator Amd Display Driver from 04.07.2017. No more BSOD's. I backed up my computer using windows and Acronis without any problems. I used TODO PCTransfer Pro to transfer all my programs to an image file without any BSOD's. I restarted the computer two or three times due to Windows configurations or installation of updated programs without any BSOD. So, it seems like on my computer configuration the latest AMD Display driver is incompatible with Windows Creator version 1703 or is in conflict with another program on my computer.


AMD FX8350 - 8 core CPU, 12 gbyte of DDR3 Ram, Visiontek HD 7850 Video Card, 850 Power Supply, Asus Sabertooth 990FX Gen 2.0 motherboard, Windows 10 Pro version 1703, Monitor hooked up via HDMI through Onkyo Receiver and DVI-HDMI active adapter to Samsung Smart TV.


Note: Most of the BSOD errors were System Service exceptions or Kmode service exceptions. I am using Mcafee AV and Acronis which might be the reason why the latest AMD Display Driver was crashing my computer. Just a guess or opinion. I did run MEMTEST86 before uninstalling the 5.4.2017 Display driver to make sure my last three memory modules were good. It passed without any errors after one pass. The bad memory modules literally had thousands of errors before the first pass was 30 percent finished.