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    Scratch Build AMD Ryzen Capsaicin 3.0

      My name is Jens and I’m the modder behind BIRD_Customs.
      I have already started a project called Capsaicin 3.0. It’s the 3rd scratch build in my Capsaicin line.

      This project is supported by :
      AMD, ASUS, Alphacool, Noiseblocker, Seasonic, Ballistix and Crucial

      The plan is to create a frame that looks organic – just like the first Capsaicin.

      Specs :
      CPU Ryzen 5 1500x
      MB: Asus Crosshair x370
      GPU: Asus Strix OC RX580
      DRAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR4 32 Gb 2666Mhz White
      PSU: Seasonic Prime Gold 850
      Watercooling stuff Eis Line from Alphacool.