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    Water cooling a Vega?!?!


      Hello everyone,


      Whenever AMD Vega comes out, would it be alright to water cool the Vega GPU?

      Cause I was thinking about it, and I thought this will work. Kraken G12 White - NZXT with Kraken x31 PC Gaming Water Cooler - Computer Case Water Cooler - NZXT

      However it does come with AMD brackets to mount the water cooler to the GPU.


      Lemme know down below in the reply/comment section.


      Thank you,

      Chris "AEXtreme"

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          Once the various Vega releases hit the market I know I will opt for water cooling as I do with most my GPUs - but I only use full-coverage cooling options to ensure maximum cooling. For instance these Rx 480's as used as temporary cards in this system Oscar Mike :



          Assuming the stock Rx Vega units will ship blower style coolers - using non-fitted aftermarket cooling blocks will generally only cover the GPU leaving out VRMs/capacitors etc like the ones you mentioned, relying on additional means to cool the other components.


          To answer your question whether or not it would be good to cool the upcoming AMD Vega cards - absolutely, but the items you mentioned would not be in my list of choices. Instead, I will wait on EKWB (https://www.ekwb.com/) to release compatible coolers. Of course, it's an open market so you can pick any type of coolers/brand etc that works for you but at this point I don't think anyone could make a specific recommendation to the hardware you mentioned unless they had specs available for mounting etc etc. and this may also be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. I'd say wait until this information is available before settling on a purchase.

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            aextreme Just a quick add-on: I was recently sent NZXT's Kraken X42 CPU cooler and G12 for an internal review and must say this is one of the easiest and probably fairly effective solution considering the universal nature of this cooling set-up. I'm not going to post pictures etc  here as I did not use an AMD card - but I saw temps drop by around 20% average under load and up to 40% under idle conditions! Mind you, the card I worked with had decent temperatures using the factory fans etc.


            I still stand by my original post to wait and see what kind of PCB layout we're dealing with on the various Vega cards before shopping around for a cooling solution.

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              Those are the commercial version of the "Red Mod" that used zip ties to WC an AMD GPU with an AIO WC. It works, but depending on the GPU you had to buy a cooper plate to put over the GPU die to make contact with the AIO cooler (7970). Other thing to consider is the cooling of the VRMs, the R9 290 and R9 290X needed a fan above them (just like those product have) and a few heatsinks were recommended.

              I had a Crossfire 7870 + FX 8350 with "Red Mod" and worked awesome.


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                If rumor is true. 1 Vega will come with an AIO and the other one is air-cooled. Like the Fury and FuryX.


                AMD GPUs are generally bad overclockers compared to Nvidia's 900 and 1000 series. So I'd say they're not worth it if your goal is for overclocking headroom. If you want it for looks, why the hell not?