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16 cores in laptop

Question asked by perseusmandate on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by xeleron

I need such laptop:

1. Screen full HD 13 or 14 inch, non PWM backlight at any brightness, decreased blue light.

2. AMD 16 cores@4GHz, can throttle, I need lots of power for 1 seconds very about 15 seconds (movie editing);

Normally 16x500MHz or less.

Would be nice it can be docked in such a way docking station fan injects lots of air for cooling from the bottom to get less dramatic throtlling for export of movies and compression to x265 265.

3. At least 2 Hdds, one easily accessible (to get all my data with me in pocket when I cant take my laptop with me for airplane etc)

4. Min 32 GB ram (dual channel);

5. At least 3 USB non type C, 1Gb lan, HDMI 2.1  and DP output.

6. As thin as possible, screen border as thin as possible. (Similar to hp spectre x360 or dell xps 13 2 in 1)

7. Backlight keyboard, 12h battlife, possibility for additional 100Wh battery.

8. Nice to have: 360 hinge would be usefull + touchscreen (it is Ok when additional mega battery is preventing x360 deg hinge operation or it is at side or front of laptop), metal cage.


When such machine will be on market? I think many people would appreciate intermittent huge performance capability in very small machine.