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    PC shuting down in cpu medium load


      I have recently changed from an old intel motherboard to a gaming amd one looking for some performance in gaming at a better price range and i have an old 500W PSU that i didn't change with the new motherboad and cpu the problem is that this motherboard have 8 pin atx cpu connectors and my PSU only have 4 pin connector, in the manual of the motherboard they explain that i can use both 8 pin or 4 pin but i think the cpu in use might need all 8 pins because when im in the middle of the games my pc shut down and start over again, my old cpu had a TDP of 55W and this one have 125, would like some help to see if the PSU is the problem, Thanks.


      MB: Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura

      CPU: AMD FX-8350 BE Octa-Core 4.0GHz (not overclocked)

      RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz

      GPU: Geforce GT 630 2GB

      Latest bios update

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64

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          Replace the PSU.  They wear out with age especially if low quality to start with. So many people skimp on the PSU when it is literally the life blood of a PC.  It is responsible for controlling all the voltage requirements for extremely sensitive components.  Components that rarely enjoy voltage jumping all over the place!  People have no issue spending money on things like a CPU, GPU, or motherboard but often buy the lowest quality cheapest PSU they can because hey it says it is X wattage and that's more than enough for my build! 

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