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HD 7970 low power state monitor flickering

Question asked by theoneandonlypaul on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by amdmatt

I got a HD 7970 ghz edition powering two monitors. one 1080p 60hz hdmi and one 1440p 144hz dp (new).

Whenever the card enters the low power state the 1440p monitor starts to flicker. [two additional 1080p monitors are on this system via the onboard intel card]


My understanding is that the hd 7970 has two power saving states. One where it lowers the frequency to 300mhz and one where the card lowers its frequency to 500mhz.

The flickering only happens in the 300mhz power saving state.


My current workaround is to prevent the card from entering that low power state by starting a video player. It then only enters the 500mhz state. Is there anything better I could do to prevent my monitor from flickering? (I also tried changing it down to 60hz but that only lowers the occurrence of flickering, but it's still flickering from time to time.)