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Is it normal that GPU is always at 100% usage even when iddle

Question asked by hujitese on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 13, 2017 by kingfish

So I'm having a bit of a problem here, I have my R9 390 since Jully last year, but after my HDD died I had to get a new one so I installed Windows 10 and I installed the latest AMD drivers for my R9 390 " ReLive 17.4.4 "

Everything was good until I noticed my GPU at 60cº iddle, I check both MSI Afterburner and AMD Radeon Settings and for some reason my GPU Clock is always at 1025MHz even when I'm not moving my mouse.
Before getting a new HDD the GPU Clocks were between 300MHz and 1025MHz whenever I was iddle or watching a video on youtube, but now the gpu clock doesn't move from 1025MHz.


UPDATE: After checking a bit more I see my GPU Usage is always at 100% even when iddle
Is this a normal thing?

UPDATE 2: After uninstalling Avira the GPU usage got down to 0%.
It seems that program was screwing me over..







Creating this discussion to know if this is normal and that I shouldn't panic whatsoever.
These are my specs in case it's needed:


Intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz
8GB RAM DDR3 1600MHz
HDD 1.5TB 7200RPM " Or 5400 RPM, need to check it "
Asus R9 390 8GB