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AMD FirePro W4100 GPU - 2 GB GDDR5

Question asked by telcocook on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by telcocook

I am considering to purchase the AMD FirePro W4100 GPU - 2 GB GDDR5. I have a Dell Precision T1700 small form factor desktop. Some details follow...


- I want to use three (3) Dell E2211Hb monitors (these monitors have VGA and DVI input). Currently using two (2) with DVI connection on NVIDIA card.

- Need half-height mounting bracket. Dell offers this card but does not come with half-height mounting bracket.

- Software I use is MS Office 2016 (mainly) and some sporadic light AutoCAD usage.

- Windows 10 OS

- 8 gig RAM

- Not sure about the motherboard but Dell says this card is compatible.


I read on the internet that this card will only support two (2) legacy DVI monitors on Win 10. The third monitor will require an "Active" DP to DVI adapter (The same person who wrote that said he has two other computers with the exact same hardware running Win 7 and all three monitors work just fine without the "Active" adapter).



1. Does this card in fact come with a half-height mounting bracket or is one available?

2. Does the term "Active" adapter make any sense in this context?

3. I do not want to "span" my desktop. Need to use as 3 separate displays. Is this possible?


Thank you.