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Weird input lag in League of Legends - rx 480 8 GB

Question asked by wayfarer44 on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by ray_m


I'm getting 40 % on both CPU and RAM usage while playing a game. That causes game to not be smooth at all with high fps and low ping.

My specs:

     Task manager -

I tried the latest GPU drivers, did not help. Right now I'm on the 16.7.1 which Riot employee recommended.

I start the game with 400 fps and 35 ping, my movement in base its OK - responsive. When I reach lane and see first minion wave - fps drops to 130 ish, ping remains. But movement with mouse click starts to slow down and I can see some kind of input delay - maybe because of that CPU usage?

Just FYI I ran Battlefield 1 to see if its only with League or if is there any kind of a bottleneck. I can run it on ultra without dropping a frame.

Also I cant make my freesync work - If I cap my FPS to my Freesync monitor refresh rate, game stutters. If I cap my FPS to my monitor refresh rate with RTS from Afterburner I get stuttering.

When using abilities or If i focus on my character movement it really feels like moving in a kind of a slowmotion, delayed reactions of moving and projectile an abilities.

Thanks in advace.

Task manager -