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Performance issue at all application on coldstart

Question asked by maszekmester on May 12, 2017


I have a strange single thread issue right after a cold start.


If the PC is turned off for about ~4 hours, at the first start I am see brutaly low fps:

Arma3 : 15fps

CSGO: 50fps

etc etc

geekbench doesn't show anything but.! CPU-z show something interesting:

(80.png attached) The single thread test 'pretty' low.The solution to this is to restart the machine from windows (softboot)

which kicks everything back: (365.png)


I tried to tick tack the energy option in windows with the ryzen patch but that doesn't help.

and the Worst thing... i can only do 1 testing in every 4 hours.....



R7 Ryzen 1700

Gigabyte RX-480

GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 Rev 1.0 (F4)