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My R9 390 is useless since 17.2.1

Question asked by flaming on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by flaming

So this is it AMD ?  my R9 390 is obsolete already?  .. good for the trash ?   My R9 390 works with driver 17.2.1 and below ... if i use any version higher than 17.2.1  my GPU is always stuck at 300Mhz  .. whatever i do .. the card won't clock higher than that or maybe displaying some weird numbers like 380 .. 350 ... 318 mhz....  in short the card never change state .  All my games play like a powerpoint slideshow .. i get 18 FPS at best .


I saw that in the driver release 17.5.1 the wattman issue was fixed for 390 card .. but nop ... not for me .. I'm really disappointed and i am really frustrated. I can assure you that i have done everything , clean install  , DDU clean... etc .. you name it ... nothing works except 17.2.1 and below.  .. So what is the magic trick ?.. whats the difference in the drivers ? What was removed from the drivers higher than 17.2.1 to make my card totally useless ??


my card is a XFX R9 390 8gb

Radeon™ R9 390 DD BLACK EDITION OC 1050MHZ 8GB DDR5 - R9-390P-D28M