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    how to achieve 3200 mhz with ryzen 5 1600x


      hi everyone


      i have a asrock x370 mobo with ryzen 5 1600x paired with Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15, in the bios i cant get more than 2667 mhz .
      the timing are 15-17-17-17-35


      even trying the widely 16-18-18-181-36 doesnt work .something else i can do . ?


      the mobo has the latest bios







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          While I do not have your exact hardware, I'm running a 1700X on a Asus Prime X370-PRO the principles should be the same.


          You may not achieve a 3200 overclock with your memory with current bios due to the fact your memory is only rated at 3000. However you can try some things to trigger running the sticks at 2933 and it may also trigger 3200 but you may find stability issues. New AGESA code coming may also help you.


          Try the following

          Set your CPU clock to auto, is is best to overclock memory with CPU at auto until you achieve your desired memory overclock. Once you have a stable memory overclock then overclock your CPU.


          1 - Start by clearing your CMOS

          2 - Post into bios

          3 - Set Vcore to manual 1.350v (you can also raise this to 1.375 to help trigger your memory overclock)

          4 - Set DRAM to 1.400v

          5 - Set SOC to manual 1.100v (you can up this to 1.200v if 1.100v does not give results)

          6 - if your board only deals with offsets then calculate the appropriate offset

          7 - for timings try using the rams stated timings but add 2 to each number and manually enter those timings

          8 - set memory speed to 2400 and post into that speed a couple times

          9- set memory speed to 2666 and post into it a few times

          10 - set memory to 2933 and try posting into it, perhaps then 3200


          There are other voltages like VTT and VPP that can help with memory. Once you have achieved the memory overclock you want, check stability. Once you feel your memory overclock is stable, overclock your cpu to desired level (this may require Vcore voltage increase and SOC for that matter). Once you feel everything is stable with your desired overclock, then try tightening your memory timings while checking for stability. Then work on reducing voltages in baby step if you can, checking stability along the way. I find Corona bench mark a quick stability test, if this bench mark finishes you are close to stable.


          Typically a black screen means not enough Vcore, programs freezing but no system crash can point to memory stability issues or possibly a single core that wants more Vcore (not all cores are created equal). Ryzen is like that hot girl you had a crush on in high school, she had an incredible body and was good in bed but came across has a little bit weird in a lovable kind of way. Good luck.

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              Hi. I have Asus CH6 (and will buy R7 1700 or R71700X.) If i refresh my Bios to a latest...

              Can I use Gskill TridentZ 2X16Gb (Samsung B, dual rank kit) 3200Mhz CL14,14,14,34 at full speed ?  (F4-3200C14D-32GTZ)

              Or is better 4X8Gb (2pack from 2X8Gb Samsung B single rank kit) Gskill TridentZ 3200Mhz? (2X F4-3200C14D-16GTZ)



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                ill check the soc voltage to 1.100


                so far I got it to boot at 2667 Mhz , from there doesn't do it . but ill try the soc voltage.
                isn't the vdram a bit high? i read that 1.35 is as high as it goes?

                losing the timings to something like 18-20-20-20-38 and so forward until the stability isachieved ? wouldnt those timings affect performance ?


                thanks for mentioning the other factors in cpu overclocking vtt and vpp . I'll be looking for those .

                the way the bios is , is kind of weird , is offset , i was going to put 0.0125 offset and it didn't let me . it only accepted this value 0125 just like that. i been hesitant to make any big changes to it . is just weird

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                    I did not suggest any dangerous voltages to you in my post, no need to be concerned. I personally don't like going past 1.450v on ram, 1.500v on Vcore and 1.200v on SOC. Nor would I consider these voltages a 24/7 voltage, I do however run my memory at 1.400v 24/7, SOC at 1.125, my Vcore is controled by P-States and ranges from 2.2ghz@0.750v - 3.9ghz@1.375v. P-States is still a bit buggy though, but worth implementing.


                    You use these kinds of voltages and timings to trigger the memory overclock, once you have it at speed and stable you then apply your cpu overclock. Getting both cpu and memory overclock may require even more voltage. Once you have all your clocks where you want them (or best you can get them) then you work on tightening your memory timings checking for stability. Once your timings are tight then work to bring your voltages down.


                    It can be a very long process considering you want to move in baby steps, one adjustment at a time. Make sure to save various profiles like when you achieved the stable memory overclock with the high voltages for a reference. Far as bios go, the latest and greatest bios may not be the best. For example I cannot run the latest bios for Asus Prime X370-PRO because it makes my memory overclock a bit unstable. You can give 2 or 3 bios a try, like I said it can be a long process.


                    Don't forget there is new AGESA code coming that brings a lot more to the table in regards to memory.

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                        gigabytes i did not imply you were recommending dangerous voltages. matter of fact ddr4 is a brand new park for me , i was with ddr3 before . I'm getting use to the new stuff . i appreciate a lot the help. if you were close to me , I'll buy lunch and talk this over ..jajajajaj


                        i did i adjust it the voltages and calibration line to Level 2 . i got it to boot stable at 2667 .  turns out wasnt stable before . loll


                        yes , thats what im doing , overclocking the ram first , then the cpu.


                        by the way the vdd and vpp voltages i only raised it to 0.700 and 0.950 respectively . I'm going to read what they , whats the maximun i can put the too . i only put a +0.020 increase .

                        question ,  which software do you use to test ram stability ? i just use prime95 and regular use of the pc

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                    if you haw a asus CH6 use XFR whit the new bios 3 and that is it

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                      Asus Prime B350-Plus 0609 Bios


                      G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD X370 / B350 Memory (Desktop Memory) Model F4-3200C14D-16GFX          



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                        Wait for the new memory code update coming to the new BIOS releases, AMD released the code to the manufacturers a few days ago so updates should be soon. Corsair memory is Hyinx based, and current memory code only allows them to operate at full speed with Samsung B memory.

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                          Which ASRock X370 board do you have?


                          I'm running

                          Ryzen R7 1700x

                          ASRock Fatality X370 Professional Gaming Bios v2.00 currently

                          G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3200 c14


                          All I had to do with my system was set the XMP with auto settings and it booted right up at 3200mhz memory speed with no other tweaking.


                          Based on the timings you listed, for the time being, it's not likely that you'll get your memory over 2667.  In fact you're lucky it booted at that speed.  Since that memory is Hynix based.  The memory I was using before I got my Flare X kit was the G.Skill F4-3200C16D-GTZB kit. which is also hynix based, wouldn't boot above 2400mhz regardless of timing settings.


                          Like black_zion said, wait for the new agesa code bios updates to come out, they may improve ram compatibility.

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                            Be sure to check if your bios needs update.  Here is the link from ASRock

                            Download Files form ASRock Inc. > Latest BIOS Update

                            In some cases,  with previous bios, changing memory clocks would not save when posting.

                            The updated bios has corrected that issue.

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