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youtube videos suddenly started to lag after last updae

Question asked by seroba11 on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by seroba11

Hey there,

today i decided to update the drivers of my old Laptop (It's from 2011) and downloaded the newest AMD driver suite from their Homepage.

My Graphics-card is a AMD Radeon HD6400M and my processor is an AMD E-350.

Everything was working fine before i installed the new drivers but i just felt like updating them couldn't hurt, but i was wrong.

When i was done updating the drivers, i went and wanted to watch some YT video', which is pretty much the only thing i do on thi Notebook.

The problem is at 1080p and 720p the Video's keep getting stuck and after a couple seconds it jumsp to the time which it currently is atm. (Time and Audio keep going while the Video freezes)

Before the drivers update i could watch those Videos in 1080p without any lag issues whatsoever, so my question now is:

Can i get the drivers back to their original state? (Through the windows manager with rolling back the drivers it doesn't work, it's grayed out)

Can i fix the lags without going back to the og drivers?

How come it suddenly starts to lag?


Thanks an best regards