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    youtube videos suddenly started to lag after last updae


      Hey there,

      today i decided to update the drivers of my old Laptop (It's from 2011) and downloaded the newest AMD driver suite from their Homepage.

      My Graphics-card is a AMD Radeon HD6400M and my processor is an AMD E-350.

      Everything was working fine before i installed the new drivers but i just felt like updating them couldn't hurt, but i was wrong.

      When i was done updating the drivers, i went and wanted to watch some YT video', which is pretty much the only thing i do on thi Notebook.

      The problem is at 1080p and 720p the Video's keep getting stuck and after a couple seconds it jumsp to the time which it currently is atm. (Time and Audio keep going while the Video freezes)

      Before the drivers update i could watch those Videos in 1080p without any lag issues whatsoever, so my question now is:

      Can i get the drivers back to their original state? (Through the windows manager with rolling back the drivers it doesn't work, it's grayed out)

      Can i fix the lags without going back to the og drivers?

      How come it suddenly starts to lag?


      Thanks an best regards


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          Since you did not mention the OS you use, I will assume Win10. > INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION


          The following AMD APU products with AMD Radeon™ Graphics support up to WDDM 1.2 and DirectX® 11 on Windows 10:

          • AMD A4/A6/A8-3000 Series APUs
          • AMD E2-2000 APU
          • AMD E1/E2-1000 Series APUs
          • AMD E-200/300/400 Series APUs
          • AMD C-Series APUs
          • AMD Z-Series APUs

          NOTE: These APU products must be installed only using the display driver version available via Windows Update. If you have upgraded to Windows® 10, please DO NOT install the AMD Catalyst™ Driver. Instead, enable Windows Update and allow it to detect and install the appropriate driver. If you have already upgraded to Windows® 10 and installed the AMD Catalyst™ Driver, please follow the steps listed below to resolve this issu

          1. Uninstall the AMD Catalyst™ Driver using the Program and Features option in the Control Pane
          2. Reboot the system
          3. Use Windows Update to install the appropriate graphics driver for the APU.
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            Its Youtube website related. Youtube is currently going through major changes and have broken many Metro PC apps that use its services.


            This isn't a hardware issue, they made those changes on May,10 2017 and hasnt been the first time since Win10 release and the whole WWW revamp of HTML5.


            Don't worry, you will be streaming like a boss in a few weeks again, in fact fi your hardware has always been OK, and listed and checked through system checks as OK / no problems and a website or social media goes on the fritz, why wouldnt you take that matter to the webmasters ?


            Youtube will not effect your boot pocess, at least not anymore it won't

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                I'm having the same issue since a day or two and you affirmed me that it was chrome/youtube update. I'm still on 16.something (I avoid fixing what isn't broken) so it couldn't have been driver related, only windows or browser could have been at fault.


                If you know, can you tell us what is being changed?

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                    Ya np,


                    Youtube policies must allow data to be saved / sent back to youtube than back to location they are being tapped at, causes lag for security reasons.


                    I found a work around through a open source player, that im able to decompile and rebuilt it, so it just ignores chage calls, youtube still get there info, or it would be blocked from streaming there services,


                    Runs as smooth as before they started making changes, i just made my player not want to hear about it, over and over, properly a glitch on there end were its tracking calls in a loop of a billion times before it crashes on one of the ends, most time youtube crashes there end, but sometimes the end-user will crash.


                    Internet is now a train wreck, thnx Windows-10


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                  So the problem still persists, is there no actual fix ?