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Handbrake Mac virus

Question asked by kingfish on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by heywoodhi

HandBrake Download Mirror Compromised With Mac Malware - ExtremeTech


HandBrake is an extremely popular piece of video transcoding software because it’s cross-platform, open source, and free. However, it was also recently compromised by malware. Users of the software were alerted recently that one of HandBrake’s download mirrors was infiltrated between May 2nd and 6th. Anyone who downloaded the macOS version of HandBrake during that time may have picked up a nasty Trojan.

The maintainers of HandBrake report that one of the two download mirrors it uses was affected, but the main Handbrake website and mirror was not. The affected domain ( has been shut down pending an investigation. Anyone who downloaded the app during that time is advised to do a little detective work to find out if they were infected.