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Where to buy AMD Ryzen 7 1700x/1800x Multipack (CPU w/ Wraith Max Stock Cooler)?

Question asked by mcgeek07 on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 13, 2017 by mcgeek07

I have been doing some digging into the new AMD Ryzen 7 family and I am super excited about it. So excited that I will now be building a custom rig powered by one. In my research I found that the 1700x and 1800x are supposed to come WOF(without fan/heatsink) and in a Multipack(with fan/heatsink) for a little extra dough of course. After looking for other after market cooler options from companies like Cooler Master, BeQuiet!, and others I was greatly disappointed to find only a small assortment of coolers that could be adapted to fit the new AM4 socket (granted there will be more to come). That's when I stumbled upon the stock cooling options available with the new Ryzen 7 CPU's and they were perfect with a simple design, easy install, RGB LED and a decent TDP for overclocking, but there was one problem. Everywhere I looked NewEgg, Amazon, TigerDirect, MicroCenter, etc. only sold Ryzen 7 1700x/1800x WOF, I could not find any bundled CPU + Thermal Solution for any of the Ryzen CPU's I was hoping to buy and AMD does not sell their Wraith Coolers separately. Are the bundles not for sale yet? Did they get taken off of the market (if so why)? On the AMD website it said that these bundles would be available in areas where other cooling options aren't available, does that mean that they aren't being sold in the US (if that's the case can I just buy one from overseas)? I'm really not sure what to think, any information is greatly appreciated!