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    e8860 databook


      Hello everybody,

      I got a e8860 chip, but i do not exactly know how to use it,

      my question is:

      Where can I find databooks, technical reference manuals, design guidelines, etc. for e8860@? (I’m searching for documents similar to those databooks  for chipsets, like support.amd.com/TechDocs/48691.pdf)

      Thanks in advance for your answers!

        • Re: e8860 databook

          The AMD Radeon E8860 in question is an Embedded part and product specification information is contained on the product data sheet/technical document and can be obtained through the part distributor or retailer.   This information is only provided by the part distributor or retailer. If you would like to obtain a list of regional distributors, please refer to this page

          For additional resources you may wish to visit the AMD Embedded Product page or register on the AMD Embedded Developer Portal.