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How do I setup S7150x2 on vSphere 6.0?

Question asked by stephenmoll on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by fsadough

I have been struggling to get a stable installation of a Dell R730 fitted with an AMD Firepro S7150x2 into a vSphere cluster.


I have got three documents that seem related to the task:

  1. MxGPU Setup Guide for VMware (17 page document) (setup-guide-mxgpu-setup-for-vmware.pdf)
  2. GPU Setup Guide with VMware (61 page document) (MxGPU-Setup-Guide-VMware.pdf)
  3. Radeon Pro Settings for VMware vSphere Client (22 page document) (radeon_pro_settings_for_vmware_vsphere_client_user_guide_v1.0.pdf)


I have also obtained the following software and files:

  3. radeon-pro-software-enterprise-17.q2-apr26.exe


When I try following the "MxGPU Setup Guide for VMware":

I presumed that the required "AMD VIB Install Utility" was from a file referred to later as "", for which I used "".

It wasn't clear what "AMD FirePro VIB Driver" was: There are 2 choices:

The VIB from "" but what about thhe ZIP file in there as well?


The two VIBs from "", but this seems to be related to the "Radeon Pro Settings for VMware vSphere Client" document.

In any event the host purple screened on the next reboot and had to be wiped.


When I try following the "GPU Setup Guide with VMware" document. There doesn't seem to be enough devices for passthrough, I get only two.


When I try following the "Radeon Pro Settings for VMware vSphere Client" document, I am unsuccessful at the "4. Install the Plug-in on VMware vCenter Server" section. It expects a vSphere Web Client (Flash) login which is not available. Requests a service to be stopped that doesn't exist, and ultimately the XML copied into the Extension Manager appears to rely on an Internet connection, which I cannot do, as the system is (and must remain) isolated.


So for the following setup, what is the correct installation procedure? If there is one?


Dell PowerEdge R730 Server fitted with AMD FirePro S7150x2. (BIOS configured as required)

VMware ESXi 6.0U3

VMware vCenter (VCSA) 6.0 build 5326079

vSphere Web Client 6.0 build 5318172