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990FX Driver Install Issues

Question asked by technician_of_computers on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by john007

Hello everyone,


I have a Gigabyte


(rev. 4.0)


I am using a qualified memory kit from Corsair.
I have a 8370, not overclocked at the moment.
and an RX 470 4GB
Windows 10 64 bit.


I have been constantly having issues with Dota 2 where it Alt tabs out of the game or I get BSODs. The BSODs point to out of date chipset drivers.


When I go to AMD's website, and download the latest chipset drivers I run into an issue.


I run the setup...


I an presented with 4 items.


Current driver installed , none
Local Driver 17.10
Recommended Driver 17.4.4
Optional Driver 17.5.1


What is the local driver? Is that the chipset driver?
If I install that do I still need to install the graphics driver?
Why wouldn't I just install 17.10 and ignore the others?


I tried looking for info on this subject via some google searches but I have had no luck in finding what I need.