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    Can't set SSD drive in AHCI


      I have installed a PNY SSD drive on my laptop. I installed Windows 10 and all goes well except that when i go to the control Manager the ATA/ATAPI controller are not in AHCI, but it is recognize like a ssd drive in the material of Windows 10
      I look for in the bios but there is no option to change this to ahci.

      Is there a driver i can download to set it in ahci

      My laptop is :

      HP Pavillon G6 Notebook

      AMD A6-3400mm APU with HD Graphic 6520G

      Thank you

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          Your laptop has to have the feature in the Bios to use it.  I would recommend that you contact HP directly to see if AHCI is supported, you may just need a BIOS or Chipset update from them.

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            Your laptop/APU must use the drivers furnished by Windows Update.

            Windows 10 Driver Support for AMD APU Graphics Products

            The following AMD APU products with AMD Radeon™ Graphics support up to WDDM 1.2 and DirectX® 11 on Windows 10:

            • AMD A4/A6/A8-3000 Series APUs
            • AMD E2-2000 APU
            • AMD E1/E2-1000 Series APUs
            • AMD E-200/300/400 Series APUs
            • AMD C-Series APUs
            • AMD Z-Series APUs

            NOTE: These APU products must be installed only using the display driver version available via Windows Update. If you have upgraded to Windows® 10, please DO NOT install the AMD Catalyst™ Driver. Instead, enable Windows Update and allow it to detect and install the appropriate driver. If you have already upgraded to Windows® 10 and installed the AMD Catalyst™ Driver, please follow the steps listed below to resolve this issu

            1. Uninstall the AMD Catalyst™ Driver using the Program and Features option in the Control Pane
            2. Reboot the system
            3. Use Windows Update to install the appropriate graphics driver for the APU.