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Black flickering screen on booth, after installing new drivers on new rx 480 8 gb asus reference card. Please help!

Question asked by caracuster on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by ali_d

Hi everyone! I need some help please. I recently upgraded my gpu from a r9 280 to an Asus rx 480 8 gb reference model. My issue is that after using Display Driver Utility to erase (clean and shutdown feature) all the video drivers from my pc, and plugging the GPU on the same slot and installing the latest Radeon Crimson drivers version 17.4.4 (from May 3rd, 2017), I get a flickering black and sometimes blue (no signal screen) screen on my monitor. I am running the latest windows 10, student edition. The screen will keep flickering for a minute or so, sometimes showing the windows welcome screen for a fraction of a second and then going back to black and blue in intermittently. After a good minute or two, it will display the welcome screen correctly and the issue stops, but every time I turn off the computer and start it up again the same issues persists. I tried using the AMD cleanup utility, but the same thing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers multiple times (even a newer optional update, version 17.5.1 ) and have had no luck. I've also tried plugging and unplugging the GPU,  using a different HDMI cable and plugging it to my 1900x1200 monitor and to my old 720p tv, to no avail. What's more, when I tried downloading AMD's auto detect utility, before installing the latest drivers, I had a screen that said "error 175 - AMD Installer cannot continue due to an unsupported AMD graphics hardware", and when I follow the link (, it says I need to download some drivers for older rx 230x, etc, cards.   If however, I open AMD Radeon settings, it detects that I have an RX 480. Does anyone know if there is something I can do to booth normally into windows without so much hassle? Do you guys think this might be a hardware or software (drivers) issue? I greatly appreciate your help with this! Thank you very much and have a great day!


More info on my rig: Intel core i5 6500, Asus rx 480 8 GB (reference card, blower style), Asrock Z170m pro 4s super alloy micro atx Motherboard, 16 gb of DDR4 (corsair vengeance 3200 MHz, running at 2133 MHZ, have not messed with Xmp uefi profile), 480 gb ssd, EVGA Supernova 650w Gold PSU, Windows 10, Xigmatek Aquilla case.