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    AMD RadeonTM RX 580 into ASUS A68HM Motherboard! Need advice!


      Hello, I am new to this community and not very strong in computers, especially in AMD.

      So I have a Gaming PC:

      AMD A10 - 7860K Radeon R7, 12 Compute cores 4C+8GB 3.60 GHz

      8 GB Ram

      Motherboards: ASUS A68HM

      I presume my Graphics card is integrated in the mother board.

      I want to boost my PC, to play the latest games with good FPS.


      So Ive found a graphics card -  AMD RadeonTM RX 580 and wanted to know will it fit in my motherboard and if yes will it work fine or I will need to upgrade something else as well?

      If need more upgrades, can you please suggest the most powerful Graphics card that will suit my system requirements ?


      Thanks in advance!