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    I have problem with directors for my graphics card AMD Radeon HD 8240


      nfoHello, I have little problem with directors for my  graphics card AMD Radeon HD240, and I dont know where I can get directors for this card.Last time when i download directors my windows had crash and I have to reinstall it :/.So i want ask for link for download directors for that card cuz i can't find it :/.Now i have Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.And i have second problem cuz when i want to check my graphic card i need to download special program cuz when i open windows info i had " Basic VGA graphic card" or something like this.Plz for help.Thanks .I tried  to play cs:go or tibia and the first info was i dont have dirivers what provide open gl 2.0.



      *Graphic card AMD Radeon HD8240

      *Laptop Hp 255 G4 notebook PC

      *Windows 7 64bit

      *Driver installed i tried to install radeon crimson relive 17.5.1 but that failed :/.

      *Motherb0ard HP 8137

      *4 GB RAM