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Memory Controller Details For All AMD CPU's?

Question asked by meeshu on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by mirh

Having difficulty in finding details / specifications of integrated memory controllers within all AMD processors.


For each and every AMD processor that has an integrated memory controller, I'm wanting information on -


1) Maximum supported memory capacity

2) Maximum supported memory frequency

3) Supported memory chip data width(s) (ie x4, or x8, or x16)

4) Supported memory chip densities (512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, etc.)

5) And maximum memory controller voltage


Already had a look at "Tech Docs" at AMD website, but haven't (as yet) found any documentation which answers all of the 5 listed parameters.


Where can I find information on these 5 wanted memory controller parameters, please??


Thank you.