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Issue with fan running full speed, even at idle

Question asked by blakedelee on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by kingfish

I have been having an issue with my Fury X lately.  It is a watercooled card, and I hadn't had any issues with it for the longest time, but for the last few months, and more recently, it seems to think that the card is running at a much higher temperature, and the fan gets revved up to the highest speed, even with the temps reading well within the acceptable temperatures.  It happens both at idle and while gaming.  I have been simply surfing the web, or even when the monitor is off and I am in the room, and I hear the fan start to speed up and speed up until it sounds like a jet engine.  I took a few screenshots of wattman, and what it shows.  I have tried changing the fan speeds from auto to manual, tried reinstalling drivers in safe mode.


Today while playing Overwatch, I actually experienced some pretty harsh frame rate drops in addition to the fan running at full speed while at perfectly acceptable temperatures.  I am on the latest drivers (15.7.1), but the bug has been around for a while.


It is currently at 2963 RPM at 25(!) degress celsius.  This can't be good for the fan, or my energy bill.