Drivers, Lag, Crashes. I Think I Can Help.

Discussion created by rodm777 on May 9, 2017
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I got a new video card, an Asus "AMD Radeon" Rx480. for my Sabertooth board, and my i-7


It lagged during game play real bad, it started this after the last 2 windows updates.. So I was cussing Microsoft and AMD thinking it was a driver problem.


Well I spent all weekend doing a clean install of Windows 10.


The other problem is the driver that windows update installs...


So do the clean install of Win 10, then you have to be real fast and use the "Wushowhide diagcab" scan with it and select not to allow Windows to update your video drivers.


IF YOU ARE TO SLOW, Windows update installs the update before "Wushowhide" is dome scanning...IF that happens DO NOT ROLL BACK to the default basic driver that was there after the clean install, because IF you do the "Wushowhide" scan will never list the AMD driver for you to select, and choose not to allow Windows to update it..


SO what you have to do is use Amd cleanup utility, 1ST, THEN use the DDU cleaner, afterwards, both in safe mode.... Also make sure you click options on DDU and select them all, even remove folders for Nvidia, even though you don't have an Nvidia card.


Now from safe mode, select to start the trouble shooter again, as if you were going to select safe mode #4, but this time select #7 and now be real fast and run the "Wushowhide" scan again, and you'll be able to select the tab / box for NOT allowing / hiding the update so Windows update won't install any video drivers again.


After that, install the newest AMD (May 4th 2017) and no more lag, no more crashing.