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    Freesync Flicker


      My System:


      GPU: MSI RX 480 8GB

      OS: Windows 10 Pro

      Drivers: Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.5.1

      Monitors: AOC g2460pf 144hz 1920x1080 Freesync Monitor; Samsung S23C570 60hz 1920x1080

      CPU: AMD FX-6300

      MOBO: M5A78L-M micro ATX

      PSU: EVGA 500w White

      RAM: 8gb


      It seems that whenever I play games with Freesync turned on, some type of flicker occurs. Some games are better than others.

      Games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Garry's Mod, and Scrap Mechanic are unplayable because of it. In Rainbow Six

      Siege, it somewhat works in fullscreen, but in anything but fullscreen it flickers a lot and drops fps to very low. In Battlefield 4 it works

      most of the time, but sometimes it will flicker like crazy and drop my fps. I would really like to see this fixed as part of the reason I bought

      my new monitor was for freesync. I know many other people experience this.

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          I am getting flicker in the Desktop now. Freesync is now officially unusable for me right now. I am getting a higher quality cable to see if

          it fixes the issue.

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              Can you record a video?


              I don't know what you mean by flicker. Like the screen turns on and off? Or the game stutters?


              If you are seeing stuttering it, it's probably because you keep going in and out of the freesync range of that monitor.
              Forcing the screen to turn freesync on and off wildly causing the flicker.


              I highly recommend you turn off freesync in games that are early access. They usually have such unstable frame rates that it makes freesync pointless.


              I would also use FRTC to lock the max frame rate to your monitors refresh rate so it doesn't exceed the 144Hz, if it does it would force freesync off.


              For freesync to work properly you have to stay within the freesync range of the monitor.


              It's usually a low of 45 and the high is usually the max refresh rate of the monitor.


              If you dip below or above those limits, freesync turns off. When you dip back into them, it turns on.
              If you are dipping in and out wildly, it might cause the flicker you are describing.

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                  Well, Radeon reports that the range for my monitor is 35-144hz. Also, freesync seems to create a huge flicker effect and massive lag on borderless windowed mode for some games for some reason. The problem is I can't disable it for certain games, so I have to turn in on and off all the time. Very inconvenient. The flicker is not the screen turning in and off or stuttering, it's more like a flickering light bulb. The brightness wavers.

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                      You shouldn't be using Borderless window mode.
                      While using that mode you aren't really using your graphics driver but the driver windows desktop uses. A driver that automatically has vsync engaged whether or not you have it enabled in your game.


                      You need to play your games in Exclusive fullscreen to force the game onto the AMD driver.


                      It could be one of the options turned on in the monitors sub menus.


                      If the monitor is flickering, perhaps it's the power adapter on the monitor. Maybe it's loose or maybe the wall outlet you have it plugged into is bad.


                      Maybe, it's just the monitor itself, maybe you got a defective one.


                      Also, have you install the profile for your monitor available from the manufacturer's website?

                      Also, do you have a display port 1.4 cable connected to your display or is it an older spec display port?



                      G2460PF AOC Monitor - AOC

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                          The monitor drivers are installed and I am using fullscreen. I got a new cable and it still flickers in some games, and random lag and flicker spikes in others. While some games work ok with it, this is a major issue that needs to be fixed. There are so many of us with flickering freesync that it can't be us. AND needs to fix their. drivers.

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                    I am getting this issue on driver 17.11.4. I hope AMD are picking this up and working on it.