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    XFX RX480 runs cooler after flashing BIOS


      After much research and troubleshooting I have found a solution to my RX480 issues. The original clock speed of the RX480 when purchased was set at 1288MHz from XFX. My RX480 has a single 6-pin power connector. There were thermal and performance issues with the factory overclock and original bios, so I flashed the RX480 bios to reference design specifications thinking that 1266MHz would surely resolve any thermal and performance issues. The bios flash did nothing to the thermal and performance issues encountered using the reference design specs. I then decided to flash the bios using another bios file for the same XFX design dated June 29, 2016 with a GPU clock of 1328MHz. Much to my surprise the bios flash not only resulted in lower temperatures, but a lower power draw as well and now idles at 39c.


      Gaming performance is much better compared to the other bios files and all issues encountered  with this XFX RX480 8GB has been resolved with the current bios flash. If you are currently experiencing issues you may want to flash the GPU bios to see if any improvements can be obtained via flashing the bios. Note:  Updating a GPU's firmware should only be performed if you are experienced and familiar with flashing the bios.



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          Nice To Read that even after multiple flashings you still have a Graphics Card that works. It wouldn't be advisable for people to jump on this band wagon, if flashing with a untested Bios even if it is from the same line of Graphics Cards. Unless of course you have money that is burning a hole in your pocket, that you could go out and buy another card as if they were candy.


          There are 4-5 different bios versions if I am not mistaken, and it all depends on the GFX chip that has been installed on your card, and it is not a guaranteed flash, it can just as easily, brick your $200-$400 GFX Card. Please people, if you have that much disposable income, I have a modest R7 260X ( Sapphire ). Please buy me a new card.


          Cheers, Ambrose

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              Well I'm experienced in firmware updates in all types of hardware so it's no problem at all. This is just a F.Y.I. that may offer a possible bios update that may resolve certain issues with the XFX Radeon RX480 8GB. There are eight bios versions for XFX Radeon RX480, as I look through them I see that some of them have newer build dates, I will have to test them as well to see which yields the best possible performance for this RX480. More testing to do, will update findings.


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