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    Idea: Red Team Stream in Español?


      I'd love to volunteer to stream on behalf of the AMD Red Team in Spanish!


      My name is Alejandro, inerdtian on Twitch (formerly alexkywalker) and am a regular streamer, I was born and raised in Mexico and made the US my home in 2009 when I became a proud citizen of this country. I proudly share my Hispanic heritage wherever I go and I think our Red Team community could use some Spanish-spoken content to further reach out to the Spanish-speaking community of AMD fans.


      I am also a mobile app/game developer (I publish my apps under inerdtia.com).


      My streams are varied:

      • Gaming on my Ryzen/Crossfire RX-480 PC
      • Creating content: 3D Models, Illustration, Animation, Photo Editing, Cosplay building and PC modding.
      • Performing: music making with Ableton/FL Studio
      • Software and Game development: Xamarin, Unity, iOS, Android.


      Please let me know if you are interested!


      PS How about this slogan?:

      Viva la REDvolución!