Weird discoloration in Command & Conquer 3 since driver 17.2.1

Discussion created by masterleafcnc on May 7, 2017
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I'm writing this post to inform AMD that there is a graphical bug that affects the colour of the main resource in the game, as well as certain visual effects, such as bullet projectiles being hardly visible in Command & Conquer 3. It's been like this since driver 17.2.1 and I decided to hold off posting about it for maybe it would be fixed by now. But come May and it's still the same. I saw someone comment on a texture bug in Star Wars Battlefront occurring since the same driver version, so maybe this also has something to do with that.


I bought my graphics card primarily to record using relive this game, and I'm forced to use an old driver to do so (17.1.2-Feb6 or older).

Furthermore, I play newer games as well, so I have to switch between drivers on a daily basis depending on my usage which is extremely frustrating. I hope this is fixed, as this game is almost unplayable with this problem.

This game is really one of the only decent RTS games worth playing today, and so far there has been no real successor to it, so I hope this is read and the problem is at least acknowledged.

Finally, I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, there are forum threads with people experiencing the same issue.




System specifications:

CPU: Intel core i5 7400

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 480

RAM: 8gb ddr4

Motherboard: GA-B250M-D2V

PSU: Corsair vs 650

OS: Windows 10 pro


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