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    No video signal after installing Radeon R7 350


      I have an older HP that the video card went belly up on. It still works with the native support but crashes whenever AMD drivers are installed. I worked with Newegg and ordered a new card, but when I install it, I get no video signal output. I am running in legacy BIOS and do not see any option to change to UEFI. Am not sure if that is an issue. I see that the 360 and 370 specifically say they support both, but the 350 only says UEFI.


      My computer info:

      • Radeon HD 7450 1 GB DDR3
      • HP HPE H8-1234
      • Windows 10 64bit


      • Dell monitor connected with standard monitor cable
      • ViewSonic 1080p HD via HDMI
      • Motherboard: M3970AM-HP (Angelica 2)
      • CPU/APU: AMD 6 dore FX 6120 3.49ghz x64
      • Power Supply Unit: the 600w EVGA 600B
      • RAM: 24 GB DDR3
      • BIOS An2_705.rom v7.05 April 17, 2012

      Any help appreciated. I am at a loss at this point.

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          The UEFI doesn't matter. I've used newer cards like the 370 and 380 on 12 year old boards. The deal may very well be windows 10. It does the black screen anytime I change a graphics card unless I uninstall the old drivers first using DDU. But there is a work around. What happens is windows 10 tries to load the old driver based on the HAL and locks up. Now if you press and hold the power button then boot again it should load after a few seconds. If however your not even getting the bios splash screen it's a different issue. Another thing you can try that works for me is to uninstall the old graphics card in the device manager, then shut down and install the new one (unplug your power supply first). I do that if I'm changing to another card that uses the same driver like from my RX 480 to my R9 Fury.  Windows 10 is a big pain in the backside when it comes to changing video cards.

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              I did a complete uninstall in safe mode using AMDcleaner. When I turn on the computer the fans all go and it sounds like it is running, but there is just no signal to the monitors. Not sure if my old card...a radeon HD 7450 1 GB DDR3 uses the same driver or not.

              1) I wonder if I install the drivers first would that make a difference.

              2) Should I still try the power down by holding the power button or is that not applicable here?


              Thanks for the help.