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Static/white noise screen after waking up from sleep

Question asked by arazsha on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by ray_m

As the title says, i get this very short, a second or two static noise screen then it goes into windows login aka everything goes to normal. searched the forums and the net, found some problems similar to this but not exactly what i'm experiencing. It's not major problem but it's not something I would like to see on computer that's just been out of the box. And I can't find anywhere if the problem is from the bios,graphic card driver,windows 10 or the dvi cable!


My setup is as follows:

Mobo:  Asus prime x370-pro

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700x (not overclocked yet)

Graphic card: XFX radeon rx 480 8GB


update: So, I tried 2 games, league of legends and cs go. none of them had any problem but after upgrading video drivers to the latest version(17.5.1) I get the same static screen upon loading csgo. Sometimes it just goes away, sometimes it gets stuck there, but I hear the music playing in the background, so this definitely is a video card problem.