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Relive Overlay and stop motion recording

Question asked by jegan13 on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by amdmatt

AMD FX8120

8gb RAM

RX 480 4gb

Windows 10 1703

Relive 17.5.1

This has happened since Win 10 1703.  When I use the hotkeys to turn on Relive recording in BF1 there is no more overlay though it is recording.  When I stop the recording and go into the Relive folder there are files there.  Playing them is like watching a stop motion video. 


I have tried the following:

DDU in safe mode and reinstall drivers (ranging from 17.4.3-17.5.1)

sfc /scannnow for errors (none found)

Changing saving location of recordings to its own drive

Disabled Xbox DVR


Short of wiping out windows and doing a fresh install (which really isn't a fix) I feel I am running out of options.  I have tried using another recording software,, and that worked (minus an audio issue).  Anyone else have any ideas. 

Here's and example:

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