System Freezing When Using Relive and Instant Reply RX 480

Discussion created by n3mbot on May 7, 2017
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hi man , sorry to call you out like this but i saw you were hanging around posting and i really need some help from someone that is really AMD related.


my issue is the following , i use the relive recording software since it came out , apart from some minor issues like some crashes here and then and the audio desinc it always worked pretty well.


this was with my 280x , since i bought a RX480 and did the win10 creators update i started having a not so minor issue , i play rainbow six siege and like to have the instant replay function activated for the last 4 minutes , since i made the hardware and software changes the relive software makes my CPU drop from 100 to an average 50% usage ingame and while that happens my screen just freezes for variable amounts of time , could be 3 to anything up to 10 seconds , then it just goes up again and works  for another 3 to 10 seconds before freezing again , and this just repeats over and over until i manage to turn the instant replay off , after that everything goes to normal and the game runs smooth as butter.


i´ve searched hi and low for a fix or even an explanation and i found nothing ,tryed everything in the book , except reinstalling the SO because this only happens in siege, and i can add it happens 95% of time in the same loding spot , in the beggining of a new round when you are put into the FPS perspective.


sometimes i managed to ctrl alt del to open the manager to check the CPU usage and when i return to the game its fixed but remains with noticeable stutter , but for the most part when it starts freezing its game over unless i turn off the instant replay function , only a complete PC reboot will make it work for at least one round again before coming back, trying  to enable/ disable  relive in drivers has no effect , it just starts freezing again.

even opening the overlay with instant replay off in game causes the freezes once it starts happening.


so im desperate for an answer , some feedback, something , please help.


CPU i5 3570K 3.4Ghz @ 4.2 turbo

8 Gb DDR 3

RX480 4Gb

ASrock z77 extreme 4 mobo


im not at home in this moment but when i am i can send you a graph with the CPU usage drops and /or anything else you might find useful.


thanks in advance.