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    Ryzen 5 broken pin


      Hello everyone,


      I got my Ryzen 5 1400 yesterday. After assembling it, I noticed that part of the cooler was blocking my RAM slots. So I unscrewed it.

      Sadly the cooler came off together with the processor and resulted in a bent pin. When I tried to straighten it, it broke.


      The broken pin is at the center border on the top right side (second from above):




      Now researching online I found information like (not for Ryzen but older CPUs):

      1) Not all pins are needed.

      2) Use a small pin like piece and put it in the socket where the pin broke.


      My questions are:

      1) How important is the pin that broke?

      2) Can this method still be used with Ryzen (the pins are so small..)

      3) I found a company that fixes Ryzen CPU pins for 50€. Is there a cheaper way? Does AMD offer a repair service?


      Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from what to say

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          1) AMD hasn't published a Socket AM4 pin assignment so we can't tell you if it is a useless key or important VDCC pin.

          2) You could try it, though be aware if it is a VDCC pin you could end up causing motherboard damage as well.

          3) AMD doesn't repair them, but a professional service is your best course of action as long as they warranty it.

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              Thank you for your answer!


              Can you also tell me what VDCC stands for and how could the connection of such a pin damage the mainboard?


              At the moment without the pin the fans of the case start as do the graphic card and hard drives, but the cpu fan doesn't move and there is no picture.


              So I guess the pin is essential. Then again I read a lot about mainboard problems in general so I fear I get the cpu fixed and it would still not work..

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                  Power delivery, you could have arcing or overheating, that's why the pins are gold, gold doesn't oxidize while being an excellent conductor. If the pin were a ground or key your computer would have booted, and even in the case of data pins it still should have. I -really- hate how AMD went with uPGA instead of LGA, but it is what it is.

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                Just RMA the cpu.


                When I take coolers off I always twist them back and forth to make sure the tim releases. I had the same issue about 20 years ago. I never made that mistake again.

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                    Yeah, it will never happen to me again either. I will never forget how stupid I felt after seeing the broken pin. Could barely sleep afterwards. Thanks for the tip for taking them off. I even found it in the instructions online afterwards.  At that moment I only had the instructions for assembling in front of me though and didn't think about it.

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