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Windows won't boot after adding a raid array

Question asked by hornendos on May 6, 2017

Is it even possible to add a raid array to a computer that had no raid array before?

Before the array I had a 500GB HDD with windows 7 on it.

I bought 2 1TB HDD, plugged them to the 5 and 6 SATA ports in my A55BM+ motherboard, changed the settings to raid in the BIOS, created the array, but had windows fail to boot. I tried to look for drivers, found something that looks like the correct drivers here, but it demanded I have AMD catalyst install manager. I found that software, installed it, [it removed the crimson version btw], and still the raid drivers demanded to have the catalyst software.

I know this might not be a Asus issue, but I post this on every forum involved until I find a fix.