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    ASUS Strix RX 480 Crashes in every game after menu.


      Hello, my setup is the following:

      ►AMD Ryzen 7 1700 w/Wraith Spire Cooler
      ►ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero Motherboard
      ►2x8gb Corsair Vengance 2400Mhz (On A1 and A2 Slots, no dual channel)
      ►ASUS ROG Strix RX480 8gb
      ►Topower Powerbird 1200W 80Plus PSU

      ►Radeon Crimson ReLive 17.4.4

      I already underclocked the memory and dissabled the default off cooling from ASUS.


      Whenever I try to open a game I can get into the menus but as soon as the game finishes to load it just crashes, and sometimes show the error GPU not responding or DX11 crash.
      It happens in every game I tried so far:






      Mirrors Edge Catalyst (WORKS WITHOUT WATTMAN ENABLED)



      Battlefield 1, 3, 4 and Hardline (WORKS WITHOUT WATTMAN ENABLED)


      Just Cause 3 (CRASHES AFTER MENU)

      Quantum Break (CRASHES AFTER MENU)


      UPDATE: I have installed AMD Software 17.5 and the problem persists, so far no aplication that relies on the GPU seems to work, Premiere Pro on the Mercury Plaback Engine works fine until I try to open a game and the Driver crashes so I get a white screen on the preview. Minecraft works fine even with graphics mod and big texture packs.


      UPDATE 5-30-17: I have completly uninstalled every AMD driver in the computer and rolled back to 17.4.4, but this time I did not accept Wattman terms and conditions, when a game starts it plays ok and no problems appear, but Just Cause 3 and Quantum Break hace a GPU Driver not responding after going through the menus, also, performance is great in games that do work, no stutter or anything noticed. The AMD Radeon Settings app crashes randomly, but not during gaming, and the screen freezes for a few moments, audio continues normally but I get no message after the freeze, before I had the message displaying "AMD Wattman settings were set to default due to an unexpected system error".



      PD: I know  the PSU is not the best but It ran a AMD 7950 Two-Crossfire without issues during the course of 3 years.

      NOTE: The Graphics card is currently plugged in to 3 monitors and a TV.


      Thanks for everybody and I hope you can help me since I built this PC only a Week ago and could not play anything ever since.

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          What does the Event Viewer log at the time of the crash? Sounds like some sort of Driver/Directx corruption?

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            Hey alepirchi,


            Thank you for supplying your information, but if possible, could you perhaps also include the Asus crosshair VI Hero bios revision being used. I just want to rule a few things out in terms of system stability. This could very well not be a GPU issue per se, but instead be related to either an instable bios revision, a cpu displaying instability and is in need of some tweaking via the bios, memory instability etc. The catalyst of something like this could be represented in GPU crashes and event errors leading you to believe that it's the GPU, when in fact it's another component. Just a possible theory, but fairly common.


            In the mean time, what I need you to do is determine your stability for core clock and memory clock frequency using AMD Wattman. So, what you need to do is ensure that you set the same configuration across all P-States for the core clock frequency and memory frequency being tested. As a general example (EX: 1400MHz gpu core clock, 4188MHz mem clock, 1068mV gpu voltage, 100% fixed fan sate , power limit +50 - across P-States 0-7).


            So, what you need to do is return Wattman to default settings as kingfish previously mentioned and once complete, then in the Wattman control panel whatever the highest core frequency is (P-State 7?) copy that and paste it into all remaining P-States (0-6). Then also copy/paste the voltage of P-State 7 into the voltage for the remaining P-States as well. Set power limit to +50 and set your fan speed to maximum to ensure optimal temperatures and a safe testing environment.


            Once complete, exit and stress test using 3DMark's Firestrike stress test if possible. It will run 20 cycles which takes approximately 7-10 minutes to complete. Immediately following, it will display your results along with a (pass/fail) grade. You will then be given an opportunity to save the results and also will provide you a link to them. Provide that data to me.


            If in fact you can pass the test without issue, then we can determine that there is instability in one of the lower default P-States, which can be easily resolved and is quite common due to chips of differing ASIC quality. It could simply be one lower P-State that just isn't getting enough voltage when under strenuous conditions (under load), also very common.


            If you can't complete the test due to crashes, no worries, just provide the information listed below when you reply and I'll review the data and see what we can do.


            Also, stone_age recommendation to revert to driver revision 17.2.1 is a sound one. I've found this to be the most stable recent driver revision across varying systems. So that's definitely something to consider. Anyways, below is what I'll need from you.


            What to provide in your reply


            1. Motherboard bios revision being used currently  (Bios 0902/038/1001/1002/079/081/082/083/1007 etc) provide the screenshots as requested in "#3" below and it will contain the information I need.

            2. If possible, a screen capture of all of your bios settings if possible via flash drive (If unsure how to do this a quick google search will provide a guide).

            3. A screen capture of CPU-Z tabs CPU, Mainboard, Memory, SPD (all slots).

            4. The results from 3DMarks FireStrike stress test (make sure you're performing a stress test and not a benchmark). Provide a link to the data.

            5. A screen capture or copy/paste of any Windows errors that correlate to your issue. If there are any errors in Windows event viewer that occur at or near the time of this issue occurring supply them in the response.

            6. Run 5 passes of the Cinebench cb15 benchmark and record the results. If you cannot complete the test without crashing, that's fine, just inform me of the results or lack thereof. This is just to check for basic cpu stability, but may isolate an issue if applicable.


            For now providing this data will begin to process of determining what might be the cause. There are a few other things I may ask of you, but for now this will have to do as I have to prepare my children for school, but I'll try to return as soon as I can. Sorry I can't be more thorough right now.

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                Hello @savagebeastzero, thank you very much for your interest in this issue and I'm sorry for not replying earlier since I didn't have the computer at hand.


                1. The current BIOS version that I am using is the one that came with the motherboard, verison 0902. I read arround the internet that I gave similar problems.
                Also I cannot seem to change RAM timings since they are stuck on auto value.







                4. I could not perfmorm Firestrike stress test since Wattman doesent even let me set all power states to 1400mhz and also +50% power limit, It instantly crashes after I apply settings.
                In the normal Configuration I tried benchmark but it crashes after a few seconds wtih this error:
                "Window focus lost while running tests.
                Workload work failed with error message: window_focus_lost: Display resolution changed"
                The only benchmark in which it doesent crash is Snowstorm in which I got relatively good results. I have run FurMark stress test for 60 minutes with an average of 72fps on the 1080p Preset and max temp of 65 degrees.


                (Furmark Benchmark run before stress test)

                The Wattman Settings are these:


                After aplying these settings Firestrke(Benchmark) worked normally and these are the results:



                5. The Cinebench R15 scores for each multi core run are as follow:
                1.  1343cb
                2.  1341cb
                3.  1337cb
                4.  1340cb
                5.  1334cb
                6.  1341cb
                7.  1290cb
                8.  1301cb
                9.  1339cb
                10. 1315cb

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                I would DDU the AMD driver, reinstall and 'don't' accept the terms and conditions to wattman. Then use Asus/Msi afterburner OC program.


                Wattman is unstable.

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                  I would disable/delete any third party controller...they conflict with Wattman.

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                    You have an Asus GPU, so use the included Asus software instead