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AMD HD Audio Device becomes unplugged after new driver

Question asked by constantin on May 6, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by amdmatt

Everything was working fine until yesterday I updated my Desktop with "AMD Radeon R9 200" series to Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1 (I also tried the 17.4.4 version) and at first the HD audio from my TV worked. The playback device box showed my TV as a connected and working device and in the device manager the AMD High Definition Audio Device was both plugged in and fully functioning, however, once I restart and reboot my computer my TV disappears from my playback devices and the device manager shows me my AMD High Definition Audio Device is unplugged and therefore not working. The only device plugged in under "Sound, video and game controllers" is the Realtek High Definition Audio device (and my headphones, which work perfectly), instead every single thing in that section is instead hidden and unconnected/unplugged. In the playback devices the sound bars for the realtek do move up and down but they've never been connected to my PC.


Things I have tried:

  • Uninstalled my AMD 17.5.1 using remove programs and then reinstalled it
  • Uninstalled only my AMD Audio driver and reinstalled AMD 17.5.1 fully
  • Uninstalled AMD 17.5.1 using DDU and reinstalled it
  • Uninstalled AMD 17.5.1 using DDU in safe mode and reinstalled it after restarting in normal mode
  • Unplugged and reinserted my USB cable at either end and then both ends at once
  • Restarting the computer again
  • Skipping Relive install at various attempts throughout my re-installations
  • Attempted to update AMD HD audio driver directly through device manager but it states mine is currently up to date
  • Installed a Realtek HD audio driver
  • Checked "disconnected and disabled devices" in playback devices but the TV is no longer there, only Realtek audio devices
  • Disabled and enabled the available realtek playback devices in all combinations to no avail
  • Tried both the DISM command the SFC command, rebooted but again, not fixed
  • Checked for windows updates and installed all available

I literally cannot think of anything else to try and have exhausted all things found through google too. If there's anything you need to know or if there's something I should post that'd help, let me know, it's first time posting for help.


(image attached - what my device manager shows under sounds and what my playback devices show)