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        in that case you have 4096 processing streams and i have only have 3854 since i have fiji.

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          +133mhz on the RAM, from 3200 to 3333, same timings, won't go any higher no matter the timings. Not bad for Hyinx.


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            you better stop your only 3000 reads writes behind me .. dont get pushy.. lol

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              i just pulled out those rgb sticks and stuck these flares back in plugged the timings and it didnt even flinch not even 1 loop boot friggin crazy. im starting to wonder if they will go 3800. what i find odd is those 4000mhz sticks xmp is 2133 but these flares 3200mhz  xmp is 2400 now thats very odd.

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                im very close to just writing the flare profile on thos dang rgb's lol. i dont care cuz there junk.

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                  i found same issue with those RGB g.skills there 4000mhz but i only got 3600 to run . i could use any timing from 19 too 16 nothing changed. i think this means the envelope is pushed to max when this happens.

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                    Just a posting on the voltage readings from my SeaSonic Prime Titanium 750w under load. Not -quite- sure what the 1.05v and 1.8v readings relate to, something new to Socket AM4,



                    As for the post above, if you have forum posts displayed in order and not that silly branching system, Fury Nano IS Fiji, it's the exact same GPU as in the Fury X.

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                      the 1.05 should be your  ODVDDP voltage not the VDDP voltage..

                      the 1.8v should be your standby 1.8v  not the 1.8_PLL voltage.


                      the ODVDDP and VDDP are to help stabilize ram. i have a link to explain will post asap when i find it.

                      the 1.8 PLL is to help when running bclk overclocks like 133 138 144 clocks. 1.9 is usually max but ive seen higher..

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                        Realized I never flashed it with the official BIOS to add UEFI. Gaming: Radeon R9 Fury & Nano UEFI Firmware | Community

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                          did it make much difference. i think sapphire did that from factory i will check..

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                            So, thought I had posted benchmarks of my Samsung 960 Evo 250GB  on here, guess I didn't. Anyway, I upgraded to a 500gb Samsung 960 Pro, Amazon had them on sale, and by selling my old drive I'll come out about the same as if I had bought this first. It's...Speedy.


                            It puts my new (second) 1TB 850 Evo to shame, then again AMD has never had great SATA performance.


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                              Oh, and just a word of warning, if you change out M.2 drives when your computer is assembled, put a piece of paper over your power supply...That's a very short, tiny screw that holds it on (why not a flip up piece of plastic like the PCIe retaining clip is beyond me), and can turn a 3 minute job into a 20 minute ordeal...

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                                Alright, so, another wrinkle in this story. Apparently my Corsair H105 may be failing. I had been dealing with random overheating thermal shutdowns and BSODs since moving to Ryzen, even when doing nothing more than internet browsing, rebooting and seeing 91°C in the BIOS temperature monitor. I had chalked this up to a temperature sensor error since I can run Prime95 all day long without issues and barely get into the 50s°C, but when it happened today, I opened the case and when I touched the coolant lines, they were bloody hot, a good 110°F judging by the way they felt, plus when I powered on the computer the pump didn't sound healthy, sounding like there is air in the lines, which wouldn't really surprise me one bit considering I haven't exactly left things alone. This happened on my ASUS Prime X370-Pro as well, and on multiple headers on this Crosshair VI Hero, so headers dropping out and such are a slim chance. This results in a little good news, and a little bad news.


                                The good news is that it's only 3 years into a 5 year warranty, so there shouldn't be much of an issue getting an RMA. And since I can't be without my desktop, I took the opportunity to buy a Corsair H115i and two Corsair ML140 fans. Also it uses the same Socket AM4 mounting bracket as my H105 so it's a relatively simple switch over, and if I get a replacement unit I can eBay it to recoup some of my costs.


                                The bad news is that, obviously, it's going to cost me to ship it to their RMA facility, and that perhaps I've been blaming Windows 10 and ASUS for a problem that's been caused by hardware failure all along. I also might lose some USB ports for the Corsair Link functionality, not sure yet. Also I don't know what I'm going to do with my two existing Corsair ML120 fans. I paid $40 for them...

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                                  Just an update. Been 16 days since I put in the Corsair H115i, have had 0 shutoffs and CPU Over Temperature errors, so the problem was indeed with the H105 and not a faulty sensor. Also have to say the H115i is a beast, I highly recommend it if you have room for a 280mm radiator. Didn't end up losing any USB ports, just got lucky this motherboard has a USB 2.0 header. I DID (temporarily) lose a DVD drive as the H115 is powered by an SATA power connector, going to stop being lazy and run a new cable someday.


                                  Also, I ordered some G.Skill Flare DDR4 3200 in case my current RAM is the cause of all the random BSODs. If it fixes it, I'll be pleased, if it doesn't, I'll be out $188 for nothing.

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