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        No I don't, and I don't have any reason to alter the base clock as it will not go beyond 4ghz, which I can do at 40x100. Power limit has long been set to +50%. Fury Nano IS Fiji, it is the same GPU as in the Fury X.



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          ok only reason i asked was because i saw it was 3593ghz that threw me off. your fury x clock is 1000 mine 1050 which should even out the difference since i only have 3584 shaders or what not you have more.. i want to see you hit 1600. you know what to do 

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            Tweaked my timings and upped my RAM to DDR4 2933 otherwise same settings, ran twice, exiting and relaunching between the two runs as Windows 10 still borks Ryzen. Leads me to believe there




            CL is still much higher and speed much lower than rated, still hoping for DDR4 3200 16-18-18-54 with a new BIOS, current 0803 is a beta BIOS for AGESA, bloody Hynix RAM...


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              in the end, that trc bankcycle time needs to be 63 and getting passed that 3;44 ratio fsb is the hump... yea those corsairs are A b&^#@ .. basically, its like a leap of faith to jump the hump. 1.45v on dram and dont forget if your board has a vboot for dram  for post time voltage. i wonder if 17-18-18-18-36 or 38 with bank time trc 63 would pass over with 1.45 v. i dont think ive seen those with 54 run 3200 only 63. and plenty of juice to help it train then drop volt back a bit.. you do have soc at 1.1875 yes? it will need all of that...i had beta 1006 in and it had option for 2T . option 18-20-20-20-38 /63 maybe.. play wif it.. but score looks alot better. and that beta is very how should i say , odd acting...

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                i got a newer beta now  its 1401 pre release not the 9945. 1401 is actuall number for crosshair boards. i havent tried it but there a guy in here running it but its better just not quite ready so i may wait.

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                  I flipped the field and dropped memory speed to the next divider and slaughtered the timings, yielded better effects as expected. Despite persistent badgering to raise tRC to 64 it yielded no effects.


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                    thats actually interesting. we know underclocked ram with better latency usually shows better results most of the time. but from what i am gathering the real performance dont start until 3200+ so anything under that, may aswell trim cl .. i am surprised with ryzens cache that still works. atleast for now..!

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                      Well i was hoping to do another comparison with heaven bench. it seems i ran into a slight issue there. um long story wasnt fun. basically i cant execute it and its in multiple files..i got hit. i dug it out clean reinstalled to no avail. so hopefully you like unigine valley bench its actually better. if you want to compare. same stats and engine but with more liquid effects and draw distance. so i bumped mine up a hair since your getting up there i figured i better try something to stay ahead . so give the valley bench a whirl see what ya get. im curious.!


                      vally snip final.jpg



                      best i could do for now..! you may need a little bump on cpu

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                        Unigine's SuperPosition (DX12) benchmark has been out for a while now - but it tends to lean towards favorable results on my NVidia set up. It reads SLI fine and uses both cards - on my RX480's it sees both, but only uses one. My second card remains completely untouched. I've sent this to them a couple of weeks ago along with log files etc - maybe it'll get fixed down the road.

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                          i tried it i cant run both cards on it and it really crushes my setup not sure why. it dont seem right.. 29 fps tops. its coded nvidia or something .. dunnorammer.jpg

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                            same thing here it reads my gpu but wont use it. and my score was over 3000 but close setups like mine with nvidia were totaly 7000-9000 scores that cant be right..

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                              heaven bench... now there is long story that goes along with this, but if you want to see where i been 2 days it was a disaster too trace and fix lol.. i will post that on foxtrots and my 1006a thread. it will be called what not to do and why. you will be shocked what happend hence .i have heaven bench again from my clone drive heh.

                              well everything same 1 gpu 3600mhz minor voltage variances some up some down. still not tweaked 2 day repairing pc lol.





                              im going to try for 1875 but not sure wooof.....

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                                Now if ASUS could just read a bloody temperature, -60°C is only 104°C less than the actual temperature...


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                                  I have only seen this with fx series cpu's .. under high stress situations. in like aida64 hwmonitor several.. but never on a mobo this is very odd. This could be possible simply due too several software monitoring the sensors at the same time which isnt good in any case. if so it can cause all kinds of things such as lagg , crashes, bsod's even window hangs. sounds odd but is true.  all from a simple sensor overload. i am curious are you using hwinfo64? there is huge warning slapped in your face when you run it. i simply dont let hwinfo64 monitor asus or corsair link incase of conflicts..  personally i didnt even think of this till recent but i had 3 software monitoring my sensors at the same time. i fixed that. !! this could be whats happening.

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