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FX 8350 - Worst core control?

Question asked by rmpx on May 5, 2017

FX 8350 - Worst core control?


I'm owner of this CPU and i had a Phenom II x4 965. In comparison of this two processors, I check a low individual core control in AMD Overdrive.


In examples:


1. If i set affinity of some cores only in a app that stay in full load, all cores keep in max clock. Why? if others cores are not used, why it dont low your clocks?

2. I cant control clock of cores individually in AMD Overdrive, like i do in Phenom II X4 965. Why?

3. I cant disable single cores, except in couples (modules); maybe for share L2 Cache? In this way, WHY AMD PUT THIS CORES SIDE BY SIDE GET WORSING HEAT?


Noone talks about this things. Already in bulldozer architecture, the cores always are all togheter, side by side, getting worsing heat.


I want to know, can i have more control in clock cores in AMD Overdrive for FX 8350? It loses for Phenom II X4 965 in this question?