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    R9 390 Dual Graphic


      Hello I'm Aleksandar, I have GPU Amd Radeon ASUS STRIX R9 390, and want to know if i can pair it in dual graphic slot with r7 series or RX series, for example RX 460 4 GB DDR5 and R9 390 8GB DDR5 in Dual Graphic mode are that compatible, i cannot find if R9 series are compatible for dual graphic with any series or just with R9 Series.. Thanks, Regards, Aleksandar

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          Nope, not with R7 or RX. 390 with 390 is the only real choice, then add cost of a new higher Watts quality make psu.

          And, as not all 390s' oc well, you need the second to have same clock speeds, or you may be downclocking one of them to match (imo).

          Next is, not all games support/work well with crossfire (do some research on whether the games you play/want, have or will receive support).

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