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    New PSU Efficiency Certifications - Cybernetics "ETA" (efficiency) and "LAMBDA" (noise)


      I'll let you read the article, but basically it tests PSUs at hundreds of different load level combinations, not just the 4 80 Plus uses,


      Cybenetics Offers New PSU Efficiency Certification



      ETA LevelAVG EfficiencyPF5VSB EfficiencyVampire Power
      A+94% to 97%>=0.985>79%<0.10W
      A91% to 94%>=0.98>77%<0.15W
      B98% to 91%>=0.97>75%<0.20W
      C85% to 88%>=0.96>73%<0.23W
      D82% to 88%>=0.95>71%<0.25W



      LAMBDA LevelRequirements
      A++< 20 dB(A)
      A+20 dB(A) to 25 dB(A)
      A25 dB(A) to 30 dB(A)
      B30 dB(A) to 35 dB(A)
      C35 dB(A) to 40 dB(A)
      D40 dB(A) to 45 dB(A)
      E> 45 dB(A)



      As of right now there are only 40 PSUs in the database, but none of them, even from the giants of Super Flower, Seasonic, FSP, and Enermax, have an A++ efficiency (ETA) score, even on their 80 Plus Titanium units. Each power supply tested is accompanied by a detailed report breakdown, including efficiency performance under more realistic 40°C ambient temperatures. Granted it is extremely difficult to hit all the A+ ETA requirements, but that's the point.

      Cybenetics Labs – PSU Efficiency & Noise Level Certifications - Database