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amd installer wont load

Question asked by airdave on May 6, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by kingfish

I get notifications that new AMD software is available.

So, I "open radeon settings" and click on the "new update" tab.

It shows me "currently installed" and "new recommended" and "new optional".

So, I click on "new recommeded" and see a drop down menu of options: "express upgrade, custom upgrade, release notes"

I click "express" or "custom" upgrade

and then I get "are you sure you want to exit AMD radeon settings and launch the installer?".

I say "proceed".


And nothing happens. Nothing ever happens.

There is a momentary loading indicator...blink and you would miss it...but the window doesn't change.

I assume the AMD Settings window should close? and some sort of Installer window should appear?

But it doesn't.


Only way I get new updates, is to go search for the new updates manually, on the AMD site, then download and manually install.

I never know if i am downloading the correct package or installing correctly.