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What is wrong with new AMD drivers?

Question asked by titobandito on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by oocarlosoo

Hello. I've got 2X FuryX in Crossfire mode. Everything is ok with this cards to drivers 17.3.3.

When I install newest - 17.4x, or 17.5.1 Windows "say" that i have not direct 3D drivers install.

Drivers are installing normal - control panel works fine, DXDiag says that d3d files are in the system, but when I tray play any 3d game (ex. Diablo 3) windows say that my graphic card is not compatybile with direct3d. Latest drivers witch works fine is 17.3.3.

My system is Windows 10 64-bit with CU

Intel Core I7 6700K@4.4GHz

32GB RAM DDR 4 3200

ASRock Z170 Exteme 6+

PSU : Corsair 860W Platinum.


I tried format my disc, but on new Windows the story is the same. Only 17.3.3. drivers works fine - newest no.

Whats wrong - AMD drivers? If it is fault AMD my next card will be Nvidia.

Anybody can help me?

Sorry for my English.